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Macbook Review

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M brings amazing graphics performance to MacBook.

I was really impressed by the look and feel of Mac book, I cried that I don't have S$ 1588 in my pocket. It was an amazing gadget with Intel Core 2 Duo and 2 GB RAM.

This small wonder runs in Mac OS X and you can load Windows too using the Boot Camp application.

The battery stands for nearly 3.25 hrs for I watched Movie and the picture quality was great. The audio is crisp and clear.
The laptop is very fast , I realised this when I played some games on it. It has got NVIDIA graphics card that brings immortal life to the macbook. A must buy Laptop.

What ever you have, this is MACBOOK. Nothing to beat this.

Reason to BUY a Macbook?
- Excellent graphics card 9400.
- Mac Os and Windows and be loaded too [Dual OS]
- Compact 14 inches across
- Light weight
- Good Battery for 4:00 hrs
- Very stylish futuristic design
- Excellent Video output.
- Can handle high end games [On dual OS can play Windows games too]
- Fast processing with Core 2 Duo Intel processor
- Its a Mac...

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