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Davidoff - Cool water perfume review

Davidoff - a known name, has given us the best from them. The cool water is the love at first try. 

Fragrance : It is more attractive like a magnet. You fell like inhaling it more and more. It makes my girlfriend to hug me more tight, then I leave it to you from here. The fragrance is like that of the bottle it is contained, more bluish and cool night effect.
Time of stay : 3-5 hours.

Best time : Excellent for the night drive with the girlfriend.

Bottomline : You want to hug yourself more than your girlfriend. a must buy.

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David-off cool water is been my favorite perfume for years. I just love the fragrance.
Davidoff cool water is always under my perfume collections. I get refreshed by its fragrance.
I am planning to give Cool Water as a gift to my husband.

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