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Uses of iPad 2

iPad 2 has become the icon and it is like your 'Porsche' when you own it. Even if thousands of tablets come in the market, Apple products have their own status, it's like driving a 'Lamborgini' when others use other local cars.

The touch sense of the Apple products are unbeatable. The response is excellent and it is very smooth.

Uses of iPad 2

1. Email : Reply to the email easily, no need to login everytime to open the email application. You can just type as usual using the touch keyboard that appears on the pad.

2. Calender : Plan your month properly and easily even at your bed before your sleep. No start or shut down process like the computer It starts instantly in the press of a button.

3. Notes : Make notes anywhere with Notes

4. Movie player : Usual iPod integrated in your iPad for movie watching so you can pass your time on flight.

5. MP3 Player : Usual iPod integrated in your iPad for music so you can pass your time on flight.

6. Social networking : skype, facebook and twitter anywhere.

7. eBook reader : Read ebooks in colour, more than monochrome.

8. ePhoto Frame : iPad 2 gives an option to showcase your photos with your preferred music on the background.

9. Gaming : Play games with iPad 2 with gestures and movements.

10. Photo : Photos can be managed and viewed. You can carry your moments of joy in your iPad.

11. File Access / Sharing : View, Edit your Excel, Work and Powerpoint files using third party iPad apps in iPad 2

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