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Canon 5D Mark 2 Vs Canon 7D

Most of the writers or bloggers do not agree with 7D, because 5D Mark 2 is a full frame camera.

My point here is why do you compare a Crop frame and a full frame ? In that case we need to compare 5D M2 with 1D series or full frame of any other make.

If you need a Cheapest Full frame camera in Canon  go for 5D M2
If you need an advanced Crop Camera in Canon go for 7D

It is simple as that, no need to complicate further.

Features of 7D:
1. Faster camera
2. Pixel density is high when compared to 5D M2 so it gives more clarity.
3. May have more noise in high ISO, but how often do you shoot in low light.
4. Why do you need a Full frame if you take portraits.
5. Why do you capture wildlife, wedding, sports or any fast action in a blurry or less frames in 1 second than the 8 fps 7D. Means 7D can get you 4 more high speed shots in that same second, never miss that tight impressive nano second shot.
6. Built in Flash and flash remote trigger.
7. EF-S and EF lenses can be used.
8. The body is almost similar to the 5D MK2.

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