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OS X - Mountain Lion Review - 200 Problems

Things happened on upgrade to Mountain Lion,
1) System startup went very slow
2) Single tap on the touch pad did not work until I do a click press, to select my profile
3) Overall system performance went slow
4) Most of the apps hangs
5) Battery drains like any other Windows laptop
6) Dictation did not work

Overall, I forget that is it a Macbook Pro 7,1.  Mountain Lion messed up my Macbook Pro.
Apple please helpme in downgrading and if possible I would like apple to refund their customers like me at the least.

Please release the patch to solve all the above issues. I hope other users might have many more problems.

Apple said 200 New Features but Most of us face 200 New Problems.

Unfortunately we do not have Steve Jobs to respond us!!

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