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Maruti 800 - Sony CDX-GT494U & JBL GT5-963 Speakers

Car : Maruti 800
CD/USB Receiver : SONY CDX-GT494U
Rear Speakers : JBL GT5-963
Front Speakers : SONY XS-GTF10252
Teweeters : Do not install the local cheap tweeters that costs Rs 150 to Rs.450
Placement : Use a wooden plank beyond the rear seats and place the speakers on them.

SONY CDX-GT494U : is an excellent player. It got amazing raw power BASS that can teat the speakers apart.
- Its got the High and Low pass filters : you can control the frquency of sound to the speakers so they are not damaged due to high BASS notes.
- Excellent treble
- Easy navigation
- Worth for money
- Stylish look

JBL GT5-963 : the name is enough, JBL give you the pumping BASS like you feel some sounds rather than you hear it.

SONY XS-GTF10252 : Normal front speakers , do not expect much. It is to get some treble nots on the dash board.

To get the best sound:
Set the High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter to 80Hz, this will not spoil the speakers and will get long life and avoid jarring notes.

Bottom Line :
Excellent audio to blow your street.

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