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Creative T3 - GigaWorks Speakers Review

What I felt when played it : 
If you love the BASS sound of a woofer and you are a BOSE fan, then you will love these speakers. I have never seen such speakers rather than BOSE, the thump of the bass sound is excellent enough to make your walls vibrate. To me it is much more clearer than the BOSE COMPANION 3 speakers.

The BASS is blasting you from your seat when you watch movies. This is an excellent computer speakers and it can also serve you a 2.1 home theater system. Definitely worth for each cent you pay.

Price :
The sound quality is very much impressive and it is worth to buy invest, it is twice less price than BOSE COMPANION 3 and can deliver similar sound. I'm very much impressed with this woofer when played at lower volumes, it will carry you away from this world.

Please follow the below link to know the,
Best DVD/BRD movies to watch with Creative Gigaworks T3 speakers

Next best thing : 

Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Satellite Speakers:
93mm x 76mm x 149mm, 352g
287mm x 236mm x 213mm, 5.9kg

Dimensions (Diameter x Height) Weight
Wired Remote: 60mm x 40mm, 85g
Power Rating : 
Satellite Speaker: 15 Watt, 8 Ohm
Subwoofer: 50 Watt

Response Bandwidth : 30 - 20000 Hz
Connector Type Remote Controller : 1 x headphones, 1 x audio line-in
Connector Type Subwoofer : RCA (line level) input
Driver Details Subwoofer : 3 x subwoofer driver - 6.5"
Driver Details Satellite speaker : 1 x full-range driver - 2" 

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