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Sony XS-L10S - 10" sub woofers

Amazingly Slim and and powerful 1200W.
Just Sony SW1 300W amp is sufficient.
Slim and it could take only 5 inches[including box] of depth in your car's boot.
Sony did not compromise the quality of sound to size.

My way of getting the most of it:

Car head unit :Sony GTX-45U.
Rear Speakers :Sony GTX - 6930 400W.
Amplifier : Sony SW1 350W.
Woofer : Sony XS-L10S - 10".
Woofy Cabinet :Enclosed and big one.
Car type : hatch back

Quality of sound :The depth of bass is amazing, I even compared running a same song in other cars with sony sound systems, but the bass coming from this slim woofers were deeper and powerful. I had that punch in the beats.

A must buy.

Bottomline: Superb bass from slim wonder.

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