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Nissin di866 Mark II Review

Nissin Di866 Mark II, amazing speedlight. I was surprised to get the same performance as a Canon 580 speedlight. 

Reasons to buy it :

1. Half the price of Canon EX580
2. Good build quality
3. Its got everything you need, wireless / TTL / tilt-swivel head / quick recycle time / high speed sync...
4. uses AAx4 batteries  - i can get them anywhere around the world
5. Supports a battery pack
6. Works good with most of the triggers in the market.
7. LCD display control panel with min. buttons.
8. Lock mode available and filling sub-flash [not available in Canon]
9. Higher grade number than Canon EX 580.

My Experience :

I never expected Nissin to work like a pro. It fulfilled all my expectations. I used it outdoors and indoors, the results were amazing. You can see some of the samples at . When I used it in the 'Auto' mode, it did a great Job. In the 'Slave' mode, it was perfect and got me excellent lighting. Happy I did not waste money in expensive flash guns.

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