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Panasonic RP-HJE180 in-ear buds [earphones] Review

Amazing ! is the one word i will use for the Panasonic in-ear bud.

- It is light and available in 5 different colours.
- Frequency response 6Hz - 20K Hz [Most of them come from 20Hz - 20K Hz]
- The Bass is amazing even in low volumes.
- Excellent Treble output too.
- Very light on your pocket [S$14]

My experience: I use them with my iPad and iPhone, even though it does not have the mic and volume control in it, I prefer it for the quality of sound it delivers.
Build quality is not too god but it is worth for what you pay.

Other users : I have gifted to some of my friends, when they unwrapped it they thought it would be any other normal ear-buds. But once they listen to it, they immediately call me to say the real thanks!

Bottom line : The 'beats' in very light budget.

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